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When the asperity disappear the result is delicate, it highlights the richness of the wood grain, the heat of material expressed in harmony.

Maker Faire Rome 2015

Where: "La Sapienza" University of Rome, Rome

When: 16-18 october 2015

Maker Faire is the greatest show of innovation at the world where tecnology, invention and creativity meet. Inventors from around the world have mixed their knowledge showing at the 100,000 visitors their 700 inventions in an exhibition space of 15,000 mq.

Wood, steal and carbon. 10 bikes to the top of 2015

For everyone, for all materials. The 10 bicycles that we will like have in the box. Corriere Innovazione.

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Valtellina Expone

On the occasion of the Universal Exposition excellence of Valtellina are meeting in Dante street on the route that connect the Castello Sforzesco to Piazza Duomo in Milan. In a space that united the best food and wine and tourism in the province of Sondrio it has got to also understand the importance of bicycle in Valtellina. The objective of WooBi therefore is to rediscover the pleasure of cycling and create a connecting direct and material between person and object.

The most cool bicycle? It is in wood

The passion for cycling, knowledge of the secrets of the wood, the urge to innovate with design. La Provincia di Sondrio.

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The many uses of the wood

Wood is present in everyday life in many different forms and is one of the materials most used and appreciated by man. Thanks to its characteristics it’s an excellent material from a functional point of view, environmental and aesthetic. It is renewable, and is used in various forms in the manufacture of a wide range of products. The characteristics of the wood take him to be one of the materials by application fields more wider ranging from construction of properties, fashionable, yachting, wooden manufactures and furnishing. Made of solid wood, the Bicycle Stand has a simple and clean, making it ideal for everyday use as a design element and the enhancement of the passion shared by users of two wheels: the bicycle.


The advantages of the bicycle

In an age when everything seems to run faster, the bicycle WooBi has the aim to rediscover moments of personal relaxation defining a unique style since the daily trips in which the simple hypnotic repetition of the movement on the pedals causes a feeling of well-being . The last decade has witnessed a growing consideration of the bicycle as a means of personal transportation. As demonstrated, in urban cycling leads to journey times similar to those car if not better in addition to economic, political, social and ecological issues. Economically there is in fact a reduction in the share of the household budget devoted to the car. At the political level decreases energy dependency and saving non-renewable resources. On the social, however, it leads to a democratization of mobility increasing autonomy and accessibility of all facilities to both young and elderly. While the ecological aspect is intended for local effects in the short term at the environmental level and long-term with regard to the ecological balance. Since the inception of the cycling union tradition-innovation has played a key role. Founded by the combination of wood and bicycle WooBi comes as the city bike for those who want to walk in everyday life. Its minimalist design brings to tradition while searching for new aesthetic forms and technological uniqueness and turns his gaze to the future.


Space Time

Space and time. These two elements related to each other have always carried the man in search of speed and maximun performance. However, the charm of relaxation, serenity and the rediscovery of the pleasures that can transmit tranquility are cherished by all. The bicycle WooBi aims to accompany the outputs everyday giving even minor journeys feeling comfortable that only a city bike from the soul and spirit of vintage technology can offer.

The 10 most beautiful bicycle of 2015

"Earth friendly" so BBC Autos defines WooBi positioning in the ranking of the most beautiful bike of 2015.

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WooBi, Matteo Zugnoni's wooden bike

Tradition and simplicity, resect and protec the environment, this is WooBi. Experimenta Magazine

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WooBi: the pleasure of natural

Great attention to the natural world, design and to the taste of cycling. Is this on which focuses Ciclosfera

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WooBi: the chic of Italian Design on a bike to look flawless

WooBi TonBarbierWonderful article published on Ton Barbier. WooBi is ready to roam the streets of Montreal and you?

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WooBi, wooden bicycle by Matteo Zugnoni

WooBi GessatoGessato dedicating a splendid article to WooBi, the bicycle that led tradition, simplicity at the edge of modern design.

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A bike completely made out of frame?

WooBi bespoke magazineBespoke Magazine, you can tell from the name of that particular things we talk just like WooBi, sartorial bicycle that runs about to the Milan Design Week.

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This wooden bicycle is king of the concrete jungle

WooBi SupercompressorWho love sayings? "Simpler is better" so Supercompressor introduces the minimalist bike WooBi.

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