Azimut Yacht Open Days

Desire of sea?
Visit us in Varazze Italy at Polaris Egimotors
Azimut Yachts 3-5 June 2016

"Raggio-Stile di vita a pedali"

WooBi Raggio stile di vita a pedali

Functionality, performance, attention to design and details. This is "Raggio-Stile di vita a pedali". Come and visit us!

21-22 maggio 2016 Alzano Lombardo

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When Design is done Lifestyle: Design ZONE 2016

WooBi Design ZONE 2016Take the best of the Milan Design Week, remove the traffic and add a sea view in one of the most scenic areas of Trieste.
This is the Design ZONE 2016 Portopiccolo, high-level exposure in a luxurious environment and innovative fact of design, lifestyle, fashion & leisure.
6-16 May 2016

Design ZONE 2016


Shooting photo by La Mia Boutique

WooBi LaMiaBoutiqueIt's spring time!
Also a bike ride needs style.


Bike of the future on show in Gent, Belgium

WooBi Corriere Della Sera

Milan Design Week, Design museum Gent, so far so close. «Bike to the Future»: "fly" with the bike to the future between new features of use and unusual materials. Gent, Belgium. Corriere Della Sera.

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Milan Design Week 2016

Lighter, more powerful, but with the same spirit that distinguishes it.

During the Milan Design Week 2016 at the Urban Mobility area it will be presented the wooden bike WooBi in its latest evolution. 

Come to visit us!

 WooBi Fuorisalone2016

Bike to the Future

The meeting between eco-sustainability, beautiful and functional technology.

Some ideas of what you can find at Design museum Gent with WooBi.

March 25 2016 - October 23 2016




How do you like

Some days need style changes.

Today is one of those.


Stay tuned...

For a WooBi that was born another one ready to start. Destination...stay tuned!

Work in progress...

Research were words. Research were sample materials.

Best wishes

Why and how is born WooBi

WooBi DesignArtigianale

From the scenic and exciting Maker Faire Rome 2015 here the interview to Matteo Zugnoni designer bicycle WooBi. Design Artigianale.

Interview here.


Work in progress...

When the asperity disappear the result is delicate, it highlights the richness of the wood grain, the heat of material expressed in harmony.

Maker Faire Rome 2015

Where: "La Sapienza" University of Rome, Rome

When: 16-18 october 2015

Maker Faire is the greatest show of innovation at the world where tecnology, invention and creativity meet. Inventors from around the world have mixed their knowledge showing at the 100,000 visitors their 700 inventions in an exhibition space of 15,000 mq.

Wood, steal and carbon. 10 bikes to the top of 2015

For everyone, for all materials. The 10 bicycles that we will like have in the box. Corriere Innovazione.

Article here.


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